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 (Follow instructions if you want to get REAL results)

#1 (Made by you)

Start with a warm water and lime. Squeeze one of the whole limes from your bag in a cup with 6 ounces of water, heat up and drink up. You can also add a dash of cayenne pepper if you would like to spice up. It is said that cayenne peppers benefits include reduction of appetite and lower blood pressure. This is an “IMMUNE STARTER”

Now, WAIT 1 HOUR to drink #2.

(While waiting for drink #2  drink one-two cups of water off of the same spartanDETOX 24oz cup. Do this in between each #Drink. Without water, a detox will not give you the results you are looking for.

#2 breakfast  (Drink cold)

after drinking WAIT 2-2 HOURS 1/2 to drink #3..

Don’t take your time #CHUG you have a lot in the cup to drink. Also, these cups are made for 200-pound men and also 130-pound girls. Drink as much as you can but don’t blow up Always remember The more you drink the more you cleanse* if you take your time you might get full quick and the constancy might take over. Stay on your A game* 💪🏽

#3 Coco water or Lime water  (Drink Cold) after drinking

WAIT 2- 2 HOURS 1/2 to drink #4..

#4 Lunch  (Drink cold) after drinking

WAIT 2-2 HOURS 1/2 to drink #5..

#5 Snack  (Drink cold) after drinking

WAIT 2-2  HOURS 1/2 to drink #6..

#6 Dinner  (Drink cold) after drinking

WAIT 2-2 HOURS 1/2 to drink #7..

#7 Dessert  (Drink cold)

*Drink water till time for bed. Remember water is vital In the process of removing toxins from your body. That is why i have placed it in between each cup of the day. So grab a Gallon of water, that is your best friend while doing this or any cleanse. It is like a hose in your body helping you flush all of the nasty 🤢out of your body. Stay focused and keep that water next to you at all times.

🚨NO COFFEE !!!👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

💥Green tea (midday) any anxiety or headache/lack of energy due to lack of caffeine (midday) or just the brain giving you a fit for not giving it what it regularly eats or drinks (its addiction) the green to will help (drink up) squeeze half the the extra lime In in.

💥Ginger or Chamomile tea (before bed)

A muscle relaxer and a deep sleep remedy. Squeeze the other half of the lime in it.



-To all of you that would like the most fat reduction, my advice is wake up earlier than usual drink your Hot lime and got hit the gym on an empty stomach so you can burn fat. Your body starts to utilize your fat for energy after 8 hours of not utilizing its glucose and glycogen (sugars) source in your blood or muscle as carbs.  So that means it is time to BURN FAT.

SpartanDETOX starts now! Start this in your brain** your mind can start to try and take you under since now. And friends and family the same. STAY POSITIVE! At all costs* Remember this is a SPARTANDETOX, not a BARBIE ONE, start changing the your mentality.

Oh yeah and this is for you, your family and those you love. ACT LIKE IT! Know one can live a happy life next to you if you are sick unless there is a cause🙅🏽‍♂️#spartanDETOX

Take a pic or video of the smoothies of cups lined up or you drinking off your first cup before going to sleep or once you wake up, let’s make some healthy noise ✊🏼📸

Mr & Mrs. SpartanDETOX

(Raul & Ginna)


Welcome to SpartanDETOX 🍏🚨💪🏼

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